How old is your fruit? Quick facts on food transportation

In the past few years people have become increasingly aware of where their food is coming from. The Vertical Harvest team is proud to provide locally grown food to the of Jackson Hole community.

We also find it intriguing to figure out just where our food comes from before it hits our dinning room table.  This week we decided to do some sleuthing, and find a few quick facts for you about the distance your food travels.

It takes 17 days for your grapes
to get from the vine to your grocery store when shipped from Chile.

Kiwis are now being grown in Italy, which has now become the biggest manufacturer of Kiwis in the world.

Fruits and Veggies in North America travel roughly 1,500 miles before reaching the table. (The green guide)

There are reports that state that food shipped by airplane causes 177 times more carbon emissions then if it where sent via ship.

Here’s a link to stats on food in America. One shocking stat: 27 percent (more than 1/4!) of food created for human consumption in the United States is thrown out. Totaling 48 million tons of wasted food annually.

Now, what is a food lover to do?! The simple answer is buy local. Aside from that, check where the product you are buying is made. Not only are you buying the end product that’s on your grocery store shelf, but you are also buying every product it took to create what you are purchasing. Remember to buy in season, if you live in a climate where your favorite fruits and veggies can’t easily (and sustainably) be produced in the winter, try finding new ones.

Lucky for Jackson, WY residents, soon we will be able to have locally grown veggies year ’round!

Be smart about your food, it’s even more delicious when you know where it came from.

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